Welcome The The Bark Club!


Welcome to the Bark Club, located in Norwalk, Conneticut and also known as Fairfield County’s top dog grooming salon. Since debuting in 2015 we have gained a reputation for our skill, cleanliness, convenience

The Bark Club Fans

As dog groomers, the owners Mark and Angela Castellano pride themselves in their passion for animals. When you have a pet, they tend to become part of your family. And you want to make sure that they are safe, especially at the groomer.

At The Bark Club all dogs, no matter the age, are treated with extra care and sensitivity. Whether the groomers are giving a bath or a full body haircut, they make sure each dog is comfortable and happy.

Going to the dog groomer should be a pleasant experience for your pups. And for the owner. Which is why The Bark Club has created an array of packages and al la carte options to chose from. It is a very simple process of choosing the services, dropping off your dog and a precise schedule of the drop-off/pick-up.